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Cell Biology Products

Explore our Cell Biology Products:

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Lonza offers a broad selection of research products and services for cell biology, molecular biology, drug discovery and applied research

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SeraCare provides high quality protein detection and analysis tools that increase signal and reduce background in immunoassays. Western blotting, ELISA, Immunohistology

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Lonza Endotoxin Detection

Lonza offers innovative endotoxin detection products, services and software

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R&D Systems

R&D Systems offers a range of high quality tools for research in Cell Biology including antibodies, proteins, ELISA and multi-analyte profiling assays

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Hycult Biotech

Hycult Biotech specialises in products for innate immunity, inflammation, and cell- and tissue damage. Producing antibody based products and immunoassays

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Boston Biochem

Boston Biochem has the most comprehensive Ubiquitin related product range, including proteins, peptides, substrates, small molecule inhibitors, enzymes and more

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Tocris Bioscience

Tocris Bioscience provides small molecules, peptides, novel research tools, GPCR ligands, neurotransmitters, ion channel modulators, signaling inhibitors.

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Novus Biologicals

Novus Biologicals offers a comprehensive range of the highest quality antibodies. Novus Biologicals products are 100% guaranteed to work

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ProteinSimple provides protein analysis tools to help researchers gain a better understanding of proteins and their role in disease.

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