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Posted on the June 13, 2012 under QIAGEN

QIAGEN e-Genotyping News

Dear scientist,

In this issue of E-Genotyping, learn how to get the most from your limited samples with highly accurate whole genome amplification (WGA). You can also find out about new, innovative solutions for qPCR-based analysis of copy number variations (CNVs) and read how QIAGEN’s automated gel electrophoresis system is highly suited for complex bacterial genotyping. Discover our comprehensive HRM Web resource and be the first to download QIAGEN’s 2012 Product Guide. Also, find out about our exclusive, special offers.

In this issue:

  • Amplify your limited samples with WGA
  • New! qPCR-based CNV analysis
  • Discover our new HRM Web resource
  • Accurate, automated genotyping analysis
  • QIAGEN 2012 eCatalog now available!
  • Save on PCR-based genotyping kits

Accurate, unbiased whole genome amplification

Accurate, unbiased whole genome amplificationREPLI-g Kits provide highly uniform, reliable whole genome amplification (WGA) of limited samples using multiple displacement amplification (MDA) technology, which amplifies DNA with 1000-fold higher fidelity than PCR-based methods. Optimized reagents and protocols ensure unbiased amplification of DNA up to 100 kb in length from a variety of starting materials.

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Fast and accurate CNV quantification

Fast and accurate CNV quantificationNew Type-it CNV PCR +qC Kits deliver accurate and reliable qPCR-based relative quantification of germline and somatic copy number variations (CNVs). Available for both multiplex TaqMan probe or SYBR Green qPCR, the kits include a universal multi-copy reference control and optimized reagents and protocols for various cyclers. These innovative kit solutions enable reliable quantification of gene copy numbers at the first attempt.

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Explore the world of high-resolution melting (HRM) with our new Web resource

Explore the world of high-resolution melting (HRM) with our new Web resourceQIAGEN’s new high-resolution melting (HRM) Web resource provides a wealth of information on HRM technology and its successful utilization in a wide range of research fields. Learn the principle of HRM analysis and read about factors that are critical for achieving outstanding performance in HRM.

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Accurate, high-throughput bacterial genotyping with the QIAxcel system

Accurate, high-throughput bacterial genotyping with the QIAxcel systemComparative genomic fingerprinting (CGF) is a novel genotyping method that can be used to analyze intraspecies genomic variability in some bacterial species. Read how automated gel electrophoresis using the QIAxcel system outperformed conventional agarose gel analysis, enabling accurate, high-throughput analysis of difficult-to-resolve DNA fragments.  Read more   

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QIAGEN Product Guide 2012 eCatalogue now available!

QIAGEN Product Guide 2012 eCatalogueNew for 2012, QIAGEN now showcases new and innovative products in novel eCatalogue formats. The 2012 eCatalogue is available for download using PDF and eBook platforms, and contains many new solutions for making improvements in life easier through sample and assay technologies.

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Save 25% on your first trial-sized PCR-based genotyping kit*

Save 25 percent on your first trial-sized PCR-basedThe innovative Type-it PCR product range offers dedicated, preoptimized solutions for a wide variety of genotyping applications, including multiplex mutation and microsatellite analysis or detection of SNPs using TaqMan probes. Choose from four different Type-it PCR Kits and see for yourself how fast and easy accurate and reliable genotyping can be.

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* Offer is valid until 31st July 2012 and cannot be used in combination with other offers or discounts. Discounts are limited to first-time customers, one kit per customer. One-time only offer applies only to products indicated unless stated otherwise.