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Posted on the April 16, 2014 under News

Lonza webinars

Join Lonza’s free webinars and watch online presentations!04LBS_NHEM_02_04LBS_NHEM_02_Presentation_14642_266x181

Join our 60-minute free webinars where our research scientists share their cell culture and transfection expertise and give useful tips and hints that can help you optimize your daily research.
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Webinar Recordings

Primary Cells: Optimizing Cancer Research and Drug Discovery02LBS_TS_MODA_0072_Lonza_MODA_0072_Original_14962_266x181
View the archived webinar and learn how primary cells can be utilized as cost-effective and more biologically relevant controls in cancer research and drug discovery.
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The Integrated Sample Lifecycle: Automating Devices, Media and Monitoring Systems with MODA™
View the archived webinar and learn about the benefits of a fully integrated Quality Control Micro Program from sample to result.
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WinKQCL™ 5 Endotoxin Detection Software – Using Trending and Other Advanced FeaturesWinKQCL5_screen_image_reflect_266x181
With WinKQCL™ Endotoxin Detection Software, you can do more than just run your template and report results. The software offers a fully integrated solution for your quantitative endotoxin detection, data management and reporting needs.
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