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Posted on the October 1, 2014 under News

Choose to simplify your cell culture media preparation with R&D ProDots Proteins!


R&D - Prodots-01ProDots Proteins are R&D Systems proteins packaged into easy-to-use lyophilized “dots”. They are designed to reduce cell culture media preparation time while ensuring optimal protein recovery and bioactivity. Unlike standard lyophilized protein, which is shipped as a diffuse residue within a vial, ProDots Proteins are neatly bundled into the shape of a ball. In this form ProDots proteins can be rolled directly into cell culture media. ProDots Proteins dissolve instantly in media to maximize the recovery of purchased protein. The accessible storage and high stability of ProDots Proteins makes them ideal for quick and easy preparation of cell culture media.


Eliminates Aliquoting

  • ProDots Proteins are pre-aliquoted at ideal concentrations for cell culture media supplementation.

Reliable protein recovery

  • Add ProDots Proteins directly to your cell culture media to guarantee maximum protein recovery.

Avoid Freeze/thaw cycles

  • ProDots Proteins are guaranteed to be stable at 4 °C for 6 months.

Cell culture work doesn’t have to be so tedious. Grab a ProDots Protein and let the good times roll. ProDots Proteins roll out of the bottle for easy cell culture media preparation.

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