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Mucus Extractor

Sterilin Mucus ExtractorSterilin - Mucous Extractor-01

Obtain mucus specimens for microbiological examination with Sterilin Mucus Extractors. Also suitable for the aspiration of secretions from the oropharynx in newborn babies to assist trouble-free respiration.


  • Funnel-shaped adapter at the proximal end of the suction tube for simple and secured connection
  • Leak-tested in accordance with BS EN 14254 Annexe D
  • Additional cap is included which provides a 95kPa-compliant seal for safe leak-free transportation
  • Suitable for centrifugation at 3,800 x g
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • Supplied in an individual peel pouch which indicates sterility, lot number and expiry date for complete traceability
  • In vitro use only

Cat # MP52

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Method of Use:

  • Remove blue dust cap and place smooth coned section in the infant’s throat area
  • Apply suction via the yellow cone end using either a pump system or manual suction to retrieve mucus sample
  • When sufficient sample is obtained, remove cap and tube assembly and replace with spare container cap supplied