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Western Blotting Kits and Reagents

Western Blotting Kits and Reagents from KPLKPL - Western blot-01

Membrane-based detection assays such as Western blotting and dot blotting applications offer versatile and powerful methods for characterization and analysis of proteins. In Western blotting techniques, antigens are immobilized on a membrane (nitrocellulose or PVDF) following electrophoretic separation by molecular weight on a gel. Dot blotting allows the antigen of interest to be directly attached to the membrane from a protein solution. In both applications the assay requires the use of an antibody labeled with a tag such as peroxidase or phosphatase, and a substrate that produces a visible signal, indicating the presence of an antigen. Colorimetric, chemiluminescent, or fluorescent detection systems provide qualitative or quantitative results, where signal levels are measured visually or by film/digital imager, luminometer, or fluorometer. In a properly optimized assay, the intensity of the signal generated is proportional to the amount of antigen present.

KPL provides a complete line of antibodies, conjugates, reagents, and kits for various Western and dot blot applications.  See the Blotting Procedural Guide for an understanding of the many factors influencing immunoblotting performance.

Affinity Purified Antibodies and Conjugates
KPL offers a selection of more than 500 antibodies and conjugates to over 20 animal species’ immunoglobulins.

Western Blotting Substrates
KPL’s line of stable, liquid colorimetric and chemiluminescent substrates for peroxidase and phosphatase protein detection provide a variety of performance and cost options.

Immunoassay Support Reagents
Support reagents such as coating solutions, buffers, blockers, and wash solutions minimize assay variables and improve results.

Western Blot Kits
KPL’s new SignaLOCKTM HRP ChemiWestern Blot Kits for film and imager analysis and our universal Protein Detector Western Blot Kits offer a selection of chemiluminescent and colorimetric detection systems designed to meet the needs of users of all skill levels.

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