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ScriptSeq™ RNA-Seq Complete Gold Kit (Blood)

ScriptSeq™ Complete Gold Kit (Blood)Epicentre - ScriptSeq-01

The ScriptSeq™ Complete Gold Kits (Blood) generate RNA-Seq libraries from whole blood RNA in less than 1 day. The Kits include Epicentre’s powerful Globin-Zero™ technology that removes virtually all the globin mRNA and ribosomal RNA (rRNA) from the sample to enable preparation of high complexity libraries for deep sequencing.

A ScriptSeq™ Complete Gold Kit (Blood) includes:

  • Globin-Zero™ Gold Reagents and Magnetic Core Kit for removal of adult globin mRNAs, cytoplasmic (nuclear-encoded) rRNA and mitochondrial rRNA (Table 1).
  • ScriptSeq™ v2 RNA-Seq Library Preparation Kit for making RNA-Seq libraries from Globin-Zero treated RNA.


  • Sequence deeper & discover more: Make RNA-Seq libraries from enriched coding and non-coding RNAs for deeper reads into your blood RNA samples.
  • More informative RNA-Seq. Retain non-globin mRNAs and large non-ribosomal, non-coding RNAs for more informative whole transcriptome RNA-Seq.
  • Fast and easy workflow. Simple optimized procedure yields cluster-ready libraries in less than one day.
  • Small samples. Use as little as 100 ng of total blood RNA.
  • Compromised sample…no problem. Produce rRNA-free and globin mRNA-free libraries from both intact and partially degraded blood RNA samples.
  • Illumina® sequencing. Enables single-read, paired-end, and multiplex sequencing on GAII, HiSeq™ and MiSeq® sequencers.
  • 48 Indexes available. Multiplex samples for high throughput sequencing.

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