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Type-it — genotype with accuracy

25% discount on your first trial-sized genotyping PCR kitSave 25 percent on your first trial-sized PCR-based

Do you want to save time and costs by avoiding experimental failure? QIAGEN introduces the innovative Type-it PCR product range dedicated to a variety of genotyping applications. Enjoy a multitude of benefits — no need for optimization of template amount, PCR parameters, or assay design and instrument programming. Just follow each step-by-step, preoptimized protocol for PCR success at the first attempt!

For a limited time only, take advantage of our special offer*. Get 25% off on your first genotyping PCR kit! Simply quote “Genotype25” when placing your order.

Choose from the following Type-it PCR Kits:

Multiplex end-point PCR kits (up to 16-plex)

  • Type-it Microsatellite PCR Kit (70) (Cat. no. 206241)
    • Multiplex PCR kit for STR and microsatellite analysis
  • Type-it Mutation Detect PCR Kit (70)( Cat. no. 206341)
    • Multiplex PCR kit for reliable mutation detection

Real-time PCR kits (using HRM or TaqMan probes)

  • Type-it HRM PCR Kit (100)( Cat. no. 206542)
    • Mutation and SNP detection using HRM technology with EvaGreen Dye
  • Type-it Fast SNP Probe PCR Kit (100) (Cat. no. 206042)
    • Fast SNP genotyping with high call rates, using TaqMan probes

*Offer is valid until 31st August 2012 and cannot be used in combination with other offers or discounts. Discounts are limited to first-time customers, one kit per customer. One-time only offer applies only to products indicated unless stated otherwise.

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