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QIAGEN QuantiNova

QIAGEN QuantiNova Kits

Get the facts, not the artifacts. QuantiNova-07
The new QuantiNova product line offers a combination of various integrated safety features to remove variables and prevent artifacts. Internal Control RNA, removal of genomic DNA, room temperature set-up capability for RT-PCR and a built-in visual pipetting control verify accurate procedures, ensuring reliable gene expression profiling.

Accurate reaction setup indicated by the built-in pipetting control.
The master mix contains an inert blue dye. Combined with QuantiNova Yellow Template Dilution Buffer, the resulting solution turns green, indicating that the reaction was set up correctly.

QIAGEN QuantiNova Products:

  • Reverse Transcription Kit
    For fast cDNA synthesis and reproducible real-time two-step RT-PCR  …learn more
  • SYBR Green PCR Kit
    For unparalleled results using SYBR Green-based qPCR  …learn more
  • SYBR Green RT-PCR Kit
    For one-step qRT-PCR using SYBR Green I for gene expression analysis  …learn more
  • Probe PCR Kit
    For highly sensitive, specific, and ultrafast, probe-based real-time PCR  …learn more
  • Probe RT-PCR Kit
    For one-step qRT-PCR using sequence-specific probes for gene expression analysis  …learn more

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  • Improve qPCR specificity with novel hot-start mechanism
  • Reduce errors with built-in visual pipetting control
  • Improve efficiency with ultra-fast cycling
  • Proprietary buffer technology allows long-term stability at room temperature
  • Duplex capability for Probe kits allows inclusion of IC or reference

QIAGEN QuantiNova Special Offer - end 30 April 2016