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QIAGEN OneStep Ahead

QIAGEN OneStep Ahead RT-PCR Kit

For faster one-step RT-PCR with high sensitivity, specificity and fidelity

  • Unique two-phase hot-start procedure for room-temperature setup
  • Dedicated enzyme mix for increased specificity, sensitivity and fidelity
  • Faster than ever 1-hour cycling protocol
  • Visual pipetting control, resulting in fewer pipetting errors
  • Duplex capability, enabling inclusion of internal control or reference gene

The QIAGEN One-Step Ahead RT-PCR Kit contains a blend of Sensiscript and Omniscript Reverse Transcriptases, a well-balanced combination of Taq DNA Polymerases and a proofreading enzyme. Heat-mediated activation of these enzymes enables reaction setup at room temperature. The easy one-tube setup and optimized components enable higher sensitivity and successful results. Additional tracing dyes allow the loading process to be monitored, minimizing pipetting errors.     Learn more…

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