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Multiplicom Molecular Diagnostics – Enabling personalised medicineMultiplicom-01

Multiplicom develops, manufactures and commercializes molecular diagnostic assays, supplied as complete workflow kits, for personalized medicine. Multiplicom applies highly multiplexed PCR to develop assays that greatly enhance the overall efficiency and breadth of genetic testing for routine use.

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Multiplex PCR Technology results in the generation of highly efficient, low cost assays to establish a wide range of clinical and diagnostic applications:

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Ready to run amplification

  • Ready-to-use kit comprising full coding regions
  • Greater target specificity and superior spread factor
  • Solution for homopolymer stretches and copy number variations

High throughput

  • Flexible assay design
  • Leveraging MPS capacity: uniform representation of all amplicons at a narrow range
  • Identical protocol among all MASTR™ assays

Convenient & compatible workflow

  • Standard PCR protocol and equipment, with minimum hands on time
  • Optimum combination with Illumina MiSeq® and Roche 454™ GS Systems; compatible with Life Technologies Ion PGM™ System
  • Data analysis support: Sophia Data Driven Medicine (Sophia DDM), Sophia Genetics®, SeqNext, JSI medical systems, AVA script, Primer and BED files.