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Molecular BioProducts

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Thermo Scientific provides a wide range of disposable laboratory products such as:

As well as surface decontaminants:

  • RNase AWAY

ART® Barrier tips – Your first choice in contamination controlART tip box-01

Why put your research at risk? ART® tips guarantee 100% protection against aerosol and liquid contamination and are unequalled in the pipette tip industry! MBP’s Aerosol Resistant Tip (ART®) is a self-sealing filter tip that protects pipettors from crossover contamination. Certified Pure: free of RNase, DNase, DNA, ATP and pyrogens. Whatever your application, these pre-sterilized tips continue to be at the cutting edge of your most sensitive research. Request a sample here. Get your quote now!

Surface Decontaminants – The fast, effective way to remove RNase and DNA contamination

Decontaminate your labware with RNase AWAY or DNA AWAY and remain confident your work is free of nuclease and nucleic acid contamination. Spray, wipe on or soak labware, then wipe or rinse off to leave surfaces contamination free! Decontaminants provide a safe, fast and proven alternative to arduous and time-consuming procedures. Click to get your quote now!