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CytoSMART System

Live Cell Imaging – The Smart WayLonza - cytosmart-01

The system consists of a mini-microscope, the CytoSMART Device (roughly the size of a cell culture plate), and an accompanying tablet which is linked to the device and can be fixed outside the incubator.

  • Easy handling – Set-up of system within minutes
  • Small size – Easily fits in every incubator
  • Cloud technology – Monitor your cell culture anywhere and anytime
  • Low cost – The affordable live cell imaging tool for small budgets

Watch the CytoSMART System Live in Action!

Applications for the CytoSMART System

  • With the CytoSMART System, both cell culture monitoring and the morphological read-out of a multitude of cell-based assays become routine tasks that can be performed without being physically present at the cell culture hood. The system also enables you to record images or time-lapse videos of your cell culture.
  • Migration assay, e.g. scratch assays – Automatic photo/video documentation
  • Stem cell culture documentation – Remote monitoring under hypoxic cell culture and GMP conditions or of iPSC reprogramming
  • Cell culture standardization – Automatic alerts for confluency, recording of cell growth curves and screening of culture media and growth factors

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