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Labnet International

Labnet – laboratory bench top equipment

Labnet International  provides a wide range of laboratory bench top equipment, including:

  • Centrifuges
  • Liquid handling products
  • Incubators and baths
  • Molecular biology equipment
  • Shakers, rockers and rotators

Labnet’s established brands, which include BioPette™, Enduro™, AccuBlock™ and Multigene™, are recognised internationally as reliable and effective research tools. Labnet is a leading worldwide supplier in a number of core product areas: centrifugation, liquid handling, shakers, rockers and molecular biology equipment.

Labnet Centrifuges Labnet Liquid Handling Labenet Shaking Incubators


Liquid Handling:

Shaking Incubators:

Labnet Baths Labnet Hot Plates Labnet Molecular Biology Equipment


Hot plates:

Molecular Biology Equipment:

Labnet Shakers Labnet Rockers Labnet Rotators




  • Rotator (15ml and 50ml tubes)
  • Mixer (for blots and staining gels)