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KPL – see more with KPL protein detection and analysis tools

KPL provide high quality protein detection and analysis tools that increase signal and reduce background in immunoassays, including:

KPL offers over 500 reagents and assay kits that provide exceptional performance and consistent quality in ELISA, blotting and immunohistochemistry applications.

KPL supplies antibodies and a full line of immunoassay reagents to in vitro diagnostic, biopharmaceutical, biotech and food pathogen test manufacturers around the world.

KPL reagents are integral components of commercially available human and animal in vitro diagnostic kits, in-process testing protocols, and high-throughput screening applications.

Protein Detector™ Western Blot Kits and substrates

KPL offers an extensive line of stable, liquid chromogenic and chemiluminescent substrates, optimised specifically for membrane-base assays.

KPL blotting substrates are designed as pre-formulated, convenient systems that are easy to use and provide a high degree of assay to assay precision, maximum stability and sensitivity.

Choosing a Western Blotting detection method

Compare and choose the optimal kit for your application:

Substrate LuiGLO Reserve LumiGLO TMB BCIP/NBT
Type Chemiluminescent Chemiluminescent Chromogenic Chromogenic
Format 2-Component: 1:2 mix and use 2-Component: 1:1 mix and use 1-Component ready-to-use 1-Component ready-to-use
Detection Limit Sub-pictogram; femtogram 6 pictogram 50 pictogram 500 pictogram
Detection Method Film or image analysis Film or image analysis Visual – dark blue ppt Visual – purple ppt
Stablity of Working Solution 8 hours 24 hours 1 year 1 year
Duration Signal 4 – 8 hours 1 – 2 hours NA NA
Enzyme Catalyst Peroxidase Peroxidase Peroxidase Phosphatase
Recommended Membrane Nitrocellulose or PVDF Nitrocellulose or PVDF Nitrocellulose or PVDF Nitrocellulose or PVDF


Protein Detector ELISA Substrates

KPL offers a variety of ELISA substrates that are tested to assure lot-to-lot consistency, reproducibility and long-term stability.

As stable liquid systems, they provide convenience and a range of sensitivity for ELISA applications. Substrate systems are made available to react with either alkaline phosphatase or horseradish peroxidase.

KPL ELISA Substrates

Compare and choose the best visualisation method for your ELISA application:

Substrate pNPP ABTS Sureblue/TMB Sureblue Reserve LumiGLO LumiGLO Reserve
Chromogenic Chromogenic Chromogenic Chemilu- minescent Chemilu- minescent
Kit components 2 1 or 2 1 or 2 1 2 2
Detection limit 10-13 moles of AP 10-13 moles of HRP 10-15 moles of HRP 5×10-16 moles of HRP 10-18 moles of HRP 5×10-19 moles of HRP
Stability of working solution 24 hours 1-C: min 1 year
2-C: 24 hours
1-C: min 2 year
2-C: 24 hours
2 years from DOM 24 hours 8 hours at RT
Absorbance before stopping 405-410nm 405-410nm 650nm 650nm 425 (emission) 425 (emission)
Absorbance after stopping  405-410nm  405-410nm 450nm 450nm 425 (emission) 425 (emission)