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Illumina NextSeq 500

Do More with NextSeq 500.nextseq-large

Desktop sequencing with speed and simplicity in your lab:

  • High-throughput scale.
  • Desktop simplicity.
  • Speed and simplicity for whole-genome, exome, and transcriptome sequencing.

The NextSeq Series desktop sequencing system provides the flexible power and simplicity you need to analyze whole genomes,
exomes, and transcriptomes. With the introduction of new NextSeq v2 reagent kits, Illumina has optimized sequencing reagents and improved clustering chemistry, yielding the data quality you’ve come to expect.   Learn more »

Maximum flexibility, maximum applications:

  • Cancer discovery, profiling, and monitoring
  • Genetic disease variant discovery
  • Application flexibility

Scalable sequencing power:

Exome sequencing

  • Fastest sample-to-data exome solution
  • Most accurate variant detection
  • Comprehensive exome coverage

RNA sequencing

  • Hypothesis-free transcriptome analysis
  • Isoform characterization
  • Non-coding RNA analysis

Whole-genome sequencing

  • High-quality, high-coverage genome
  • Unrestricted view of the genome now and in the future
  • Scalable, affordable human whole-genome sequencing

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