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PrimeTime qPCR Probes

Dyes and quenchers for every experiment.

Generate reliable, high-quality gene expression analysis data for a broad range of sample types with IDT double- and single-quenched PrimeTime qPCR Probes.

Choose from a wide variety of dyes and quenchers, including several license-free combinations.

Successfully multiplex with ZEN or TAO Double-Quenched Probes:

  • Lower background fluorescence
  • Increased endpoint signal
  • Reduced crosstalk

Return consistent results
All PrimeTime Probes are verified by mass spectrometry and HPLC-purified, delivering batch-to-batch consistency to minimize your troubleshooting efforts.

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PrimeTime qPCR Probes provide reliable sensitivity even in demanding applications such as multiplex and digital PCR. PrimeTime qPCR Probes are available in a wide variety of dye-quencher combinations (see table below) that are compatible with common qPCR platforms.

IDT Prime Time qPCR