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gBlocks Gene Fragments

Better, faster, more affordable synthetic biology

gBlocks Gene Fragments are 125-2000 base pairs of double stranded DNA that is sequence verified and provided lyophilized as 200 ng of gBlocks.  gBlocks differ from IDT’s Gene and miniGene products in that they are not cloned into a vector but are instead sold as a linear fragment of double stranded DNA.ba3cff8e-f694-4b80-8b5d-dad049893457-medium

The high sequence fidelity and rapid delivery time make gBlocks Gene Fragments ideal for a range of synthetic biology applications, including the ability to
easily assemble multiple gene fragments to reliably generate larger gene constructs.

Highly versatile

gBlocks Gene Fragments can be used to easily and reliably assemble almost any sequence up to 2 kb, and are compatible with most published cloning methods, including the Gibson isothermal method, blunt-end or cohesive-end cloning protocols.

Easy isothermal gene assembly

Four gBlocks Gene Fragments can be assembled in a single reaction into a 2 kb gene in less than 1 hour; a simple, 30 nt sequence overlap is required when designing the gene fragments.


gBlocks Gene Fragments are up to half the price of other synthetic gene constructs, making synthetic biology accessible to any lab.

Short delivery time

gBlocks Gene Fragments are typically delivered within 10-14 working days.

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