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Aneuploidy Testing

Aneuploidy Testing – Elucigene QST*R products

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Elucigene QST*R products are a range of DNA based, QF-PCR, multiplexed diagnostic assays that use STR markers to detect the three most common viable autosomal trisomies: trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome) and trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome). Additional markers on the sex chromosomes X and Y can detect the most common sex chromosome aneuploidies, Klinefelter syndrome and Turner syndrome.

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Using QF-PCR, the QST*R series of rapid aneuploidy testing kits — fully validated for in vitro diagnostic use and suitable for both chorionic villus and amniotic fluid analysis — makes the powerful QF-PCR technique widely available for routine use in molecular cytogenetic procedures.

Elucigene QST*R rapid aneuploidy QF-PCR test provides:

  • Simple one tube, highly multiplexed, QF-PCR assay – minimal transfer steps
  • Reagents ready mixed – just add DNA
  • Markers informative in more than 99% of analyses
  • Rapid aneuploidy test – can provide a definitive result within 4 hours, including DNA extraction
  • Assays validated for use on Applied Biosystems’ 3*** Genetic Analyzers
  • Test developed in collaboration with Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London