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Irys Instrument

Effortlessly linearize DNA and analyze genome data with automated, single-molecule imaging of extremely long DNA.

The Acquire high-resolution, multi-colour images and conduct single-molecule analysis of long DNA molecules with the automated, benchtop Irys instrument. BioNano - Irys-01Simply load your sample, set your run on the touch-screen controls, and walk away as the system automatically flows DNA into the massively parallel array of NanoChannels on an IrysChip, collecting images and extracting data. By repeatedly cycling the same DNA sample through the same flowcell, Irys can process several gigabases of DNA per hour.


  • Fully automated cycling of DNA into chip and imaging
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • 3 laser lines for simultaneous labeling of multiple events
  • High-resolution optics with proprietary Auto-Focus system
  • Automatic image export and detection

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